Graffiti Wall Info

This link will send you to a page I made that I call my Graffiti Wall.
I just made it for my friends to post stuff on. 😀
here to see your post or to just see what is on it already!
All you need to do is send an email to the email address below to make a post:

My Graffiti Wall Email
Click here to send an Email/ make a Post to my Wall
or just copy this email address below:
Use it to send me an email and it will be automatically converted into a post on My Graffiti Wall
It’s kinda like face book in that you can send, pictures, videos, music, links
or just a good old message saying Hello. 😀
You can send/ post what ever you want.
Just be cool please nothing to outrageous. Thanks!~

PS~ This is “My Graffiti Wall Information” page, i.e., the page you that you are on right now, it is just a work around page I made to explain how to post on my “GRAFFITI WALL by email and to link my “PUBLIC GRAFFITI WALL to the “METAL’S BLOG ,i.e., my main blog’s front page. 😛 Oh yeah… If you are on MY GRAFFITI WALL page and you want to go back to the “METAL’S BLOG page just look around for the Home link.

Thanks again!~M


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