The Fountain of Youth – How long you live is up to you!

These are my notes on how to live longer than you think is possible. This is awesome knowledge on how to live forever or atleast way longer than you think you can! These are my notes from Dr. Deagle’s Lecture on De-Toxification, Re-Alkalinization, Re-Mineralization, Rejuvenation and the Protection/ Prevention of Degradation of the Human Body. It’s all about how long you want to live and be young in mind, body and soul!~M.D. aka METAL
PS~ So read and learn my friends!

Types of pollution challenges:

* Toxic Heavy Metals & Chemicals in the Air, Water & Food
* Excitotoxins & Xenoestrogens in the Air, Water & Food
* Sulphuryl Floride Pesticide Sprays
* Electromagnetic Pollution – Thermal & Non-thermal Biological Scalar Effects
Epigenetic Effects of Minerals, Nutrients & Toxins: ++
* Genes are controlled by the stimulation or induction by toxins &nutrients & scalar signals “Phonon Maser Waves” sounds with IR/ Infrared Light properties
* Epigenetic control is via the “Membrain” which acts as a Liquid CrystalMicroprocessor or Scalar & Chemical Signalling
Hierarchies of Phonon Maser Operon Genetic Codes:
* All organs & living things cellls talk in normal temperature superconductor scalar sound-light Phonon Masers that are coherent & supercede chemical second messengers and are fully intergrated with the chemical, nuerological & enzymatic control systems such as phosphorylation, enzyme cleavage or activation, & operational cell cytostructure.
7 Step Anti-Aging Formula:
* Detoxification from chemicals, heavy metals, xenohormones & scalar and non-scalar pollution
* Alkalination of the Body is very important – Alkalinity – Oxygen – Improved Body Holographic Template
* Remineralization of Enzymes, Organs and Hypothalamus/ Pituitary Gland
* Hormonal Rejuvenation – DHEA, Pregnenolone & Adaptogens Maca.. etc… etc..
* Genetic Protection and Repair – ORAC Antixoidant, Alpha R Lipoic & Beyond
* Immune Modulation and Cell Subpopulations CD & NK Cells ++
*Scalar Holographic Induction – Morphogenic Fields by People & Machines “DynaTENS” ( Personal note: YAY I have one of these already.) to Morphogenetic Regeneration
* Spiritual Cleaning – Spectral Light, Electroacupuncture, Sound Spectral Fractral and Brain BioFeedbackTechnologies for superfast responses
“H2O” – Hygiene – Host Defenses – Operation Projection – First Line Of Defense Kit!
* FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE KIT: Was designed By Dr. Bill Deagle
* Lametco International Supplier with Chemins Co. and Ecological Formulas & JM Corp.
* First Defense Tabs – Block Virus and Bacterial Pathogen Tissue Entry – Polyphenon Mitsuo NorinDr. Hara Japan Exclusive Use for this Formulation -“It’s the Only Stable Magnesium ECGC Catechin in the WORLD!”
* Defense Wipes – Lauric Acid and Nisin – Kills All Pathogenic bacteria and Viruses on Contact- They are completely Biodegradable and Nontoxic
* Liquid Activated Zeolite – WAIORA NCD Natural Cellular Defense
* Phase 1 and 2 Enzyme Induction and Oral Chelation Support – CHELOREX -Global Light Network and BioCleanse + BioGenesis
* Calcium Betontite Clay oral and topical chelation and removal from GIT/ Gastrointestinal Tract – Global Light Network
Pathogens and Stealth Infection Disease Inducers
* Pathogens and Stealth Infection Yeast, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Parasites
* Allicin – AlliMax US caps, liquid and topical cream for viruses, bacteria, lyme, fungi, yeast and parasites
* Super Silver 10ppm “Unique Powerful Sivler-Oxygen Nanowrap” Kills All Known Pathogens – Maintenance 5 mls/ one tspn twice per day to much more for cleansing
* Immunite – Ionic Minerals with Humic-Fulvic Acid for Absorption and Ionic Silver
*ORDER – 800-933-2565 or online at – You can browse thier Products by CompanyFirst Line of Defense Kit and Lametco International
* Whole Leaf Aloe – Best Radiation Whole Body Defense and Detoxifier – Best Comercial NutraccuticalForm in America – Lametco Int. at
* 3M NIOSH N100 Mask with Exhalation ValveBlocks 99.67% of Smoke, Toxins, All Viruses and Bacteria and other Pathogens
* Clean Water with Low or 0% TDS/ Total Dissolved Solids – PURE WATER SYSTEMS is 0% TDS w/ALL Fluoride Removed or you can use MultiPure Water Filter low TDS w/Magnesium, trace minerals or the Berley Water w/ Fluoride Reduction Elements
* ADD Aklaline Stuctured Water 1 oz for 16oz of your Cleaned Water – RPA Biotech EO Electrolzyed Plus Water – It is the Most Powerful Highest pH 10.5 in the World today!
* BioAlkalinizer – BioGenesis with Cesium and Rubidium etc… to maximize neutralization of cellular state
* Topical Magnesium Oil 1/3 spray to neck, trunk and limbs two to three times per day
* Magesium Nano – Global Light and Magnesium Taurate – Ecological Formulas
* IndiumEase – Element 47 the “MASTER Antiaging Remineralizer” of All Enzymes first in AM on empty stomach alone
* URI International – Mineral Pure or Global Light Network Ocean Minerals – 3 Types for specific issues with herbs
* Scalar Patches – LifeWave and Electroacupuncture or Light Diode therapy AcuTron – Darryn Starwynn
* Magnesium Oil Topical/ Gel/ Bath Salts two to three times a day – 80% of All Enzymes and Detoxification Glutathione Peroxidase is Dependant

* Growth Hormone Releasing Amino Acids – Arginine, Ornithine, Lysine and Releaser Peptides
* Moderate Exercise of Large Muscles times with biorhythms
* DHEA and Pregnenolone and herbal adaptogens for Adrenal and Sexual Gland Support
* Iodocaps Iodine/ Iodide ration for Adrenal and Thyroid Support and prevention and reversal of PCOS Polycystic Organ Syndrone
* BioThyro for Thyroid Support if Broda Barnes Test i.e. low auxiliary temp Type II Hypothyroidism

* Highest ORAC Oxidative Projection Whole Foods – Juicing or BETTER STILL…
* URI INTL on”The Feast, Beyond Berries, Complete Food, Vegitain…”
* Complete Chain of Antioxidants: Alpha R Lipoic Acid, Organic Germanium and Tocotrienols – e.g. Krill Oil PrHealth or International Health w/ Tocotrienols from Allergy Research
* Tiago Tea from Way Wild or Tiaga Tea Global Light – NK Lymphocyte Stimulationand Immunomodulator – “TOTALLY AMAZING!”
* Cordyceps Sinensis – Antiaging and Anticancer Properties – CanadaRNA Biochemical or Eighth Element – EarthPulse Press
* Taurox SB 6X liquid or pellets – Allergy Research Group Immune Modulation
* Sound Health – BioAccoustic Profile and Sound Boxes – Analysis and Fractal Sound Healing of Biomolecules and Toxins, Personality and Spiritual Relational Fractal Archetypes – Sound Health Technologies
* AccuTron LED Color Light Acupuncture and Microcurrent Scalar Therapies
* Whole Brain BioFeedback – EarthPulse Press and Lexicor Boulder CO Devices
* DynaTENS and Morphogenetic Field Induction Machines – Future of Rife Therapies
* BioPro – Scalar Wave EMF Toxic Neutralizer Chips for Computers, Cell Phones and Whole Home/ OfficeEMF Protection – Dr. Carlo Ph.D. Research on EMF Cancer and Cellular Health
* Once again to Order Visit: or Call: 888-212-8871
“This information is how to stay young maybe forever!
Really People! Dying is a Condition we can avoid! Peace Out!”~M.D. aka METAL


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