My Chevy Love

“1969 Chevy Camaro – Hangin’ It Out – Beating Ferrari, BMW,
Viper, Lamborghini and many others on the track!”

1969 Chevy Camaro
Beneath the revered shell is a full tube-frame chassis built from a tapestry of interwoven box- and round-steel tubing. Like a Cup car, the Z/28’s short-block displaces 358 ci, features a dry-sump oil system, and bolts to a Jerico four-speed transmission. Housed in a Dart aluminum block and topped with 18-degree Brodix heads and intake, the carbureted screamer belts out 697 hp-almost 2 hp/ci. At 2,800 pounds, the Camaro weighs 600 ticks less than a Nextel Cup car and the colossal Goodyear slicks are larger with wheels of 16×10 up front and 16×12 in the rear. To put this much power and so little mass into perspective, bench racing with its superb power-to-weight ratio suggests quarter-mile trap speeds in excess of 140 mph, which is good for solid 9-second passes. With that level of acceleration unleashed in the wake of elevation changes and tight decreasing-radius turns, it’s a good thing Bob installed eight-piston-caliper Wilwood brakes up front and six-pot clamps out back.
With such sterling all-around performance, you can’t help but set up fantasy match races between Bob’s world’s-baddest Z/28 and the world’s finest road cars. For poops and giggles, picture for a moment cars like the Porsche GT2, Lamborghini, Acura NSX, and Ferrari 360 Modena looking like total pansy wagons as they get out-stopped, out-cornered, and out-powered all over any given road course. Once that gets boring, any Viper, Z06, or M3 will serve just fine as a tasty snack.

Quick Inspection:
’69 Chevy Camaro Z/28 Built by Bob Owen * Los Altos, CA


Engine: Built by Ron Grose Race Engines, the 358ci small-block is very similar to an old Winston Cup engine, based on a 4.030×3.500 bore and stroke in a Dart aluminum block with a Sonny Bryant billet crank, Manley H-beam rods, and JE pistons for 9.5:1 compression. The top-end includes Brodix 18-degree aluminum heads and intake tuned up by Ron Grose and sucking through a Holley 820-cfm carb. The specs of the Crower solid-roller cam are, as usual, a secret. Adding to the NASCAR vibe are a full dry-sump oiling system. Power support includes MSD ignition and custom stepped (1 1/4-to-1 1/4) merge-collector headers, and the accessories include ARP fasteners, a Powermaster 145-amp alternator, and Petersen and Griffin cooling components.

Power: 697 hp, 650 lb-ft

Transmission: You know you’re cool when you have a Tilton triple-disc clutch inside a magnesium bellhousing. It feeds a road-race Jerico four-speed by Busby Motorsports in Martinez, California.
Rearend: And you’re even more hard-core when you have a Winters quick-change rearend loaded with a Detroit Locker differential, 4.11:1 gears, and Speedway Engineering axles.


Frame: The entire frame was fabricated by Busby Motorsports using 2×2 boxed sections and 1 1/4-inch-diameter, 0.095-wall round steel tube. The stock wheelbase is maintained.
Suspension: It’s all custom fabricated using Afco coilovers with double-adjustable shocks all around, custom Port City Racing spindles and a Speedway Engineering sway bar up front, and custom Watt’s linkage in the back. The steering includes Sweet brackets and pump with an Appleton power rack-and-pinion and an ididit column.
Brakes: The Camaro uses Wilwood calipers with eight-piston units in front and six-piston calipers, rear, both with Performance Friction pads. The master cylinder, proportioning valve, and pedal assembly are Wilwood.
Wheels: Circle Racing, a whopping 16×10 front and 16×12 rear
Tires: Goodyear slicks, 16×12 and 16×14
Weight: 2,800 pounds with driver

Body: The car is a real steel ’69 Camaro with a fiberglass hood and decklid and fabricated flared fenders and quarter-panels with a custom-made deck spoiler. There’s remote fuel fill available on both sides.
Paint: Ferrari Grey by Automotive Enterprise in San Carlos, California
Interior: It’s all business with Kirkey racing seats, a Five Star curved racing mirror, Auto Meter gauges in a Busby Motorsports custom dash, a Hot Lap in-car timing system, Racing Radios communication, and Pyrotect harnesses and fire system.

“I do love the car in this article, but, I Love mine in the picture below as well… Her name is Baby!”~METAL


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